European War 4: Napoleon APK v1.0.0 Mod Money

European War 4: Napoleon APK v1.0.0 Mod Money
Requirements: 2.3.3+
Overview: Your Excellency, full Commander! Welcome to the eighteenth century, at the Age of Napoleon.

It's an altogether

new gaming mode, fully including general abilities and another thing framework, and there are more than 200 celebrated

commanders to pick including『napoleon, Wellington,Kutusov, Nelson, Murat, Washington』and so on.

Each general can come up from positions, new from a typical officer to a marshal, it comes from a native to an


Each troop has its own particular recognizing gimmicks and in the event that you can ace them productively, you will

be powerful. Each troop can addition fight experience and when they get world class drives, and their

fight viability will be significantly made strides.

The guide framework is totally overhauled which underpins consistent zooming and the region and outskirts

of every country is appeared. Other than utilizing procedure to beat the foes, now you can likewise buy

things in shops, new contract commanders in bars and trade supplies in business sectors.


6 War Zones and 84 Campaigns.

『imperial Eagle』 『coalition』『holy Rome Empire』『eastern Overlord』『rise of America』『sun Never Sets』


6 Conquest situations of the age.

『europe 1798』『america 1775』『europe 1806』『europe 1809』『america 1812』『europe 1815』


Supporting multi-player mode through system.


Acquiring princesses of distinctive nations.
Titles of European Emperor, new American Emperor and Asian Emperor.
Positioning among players.

- -


**42 Countries and 200 officers.
**58 treasures
**wars crosswise over Europe , America and Asia.
**more than 130 sorts of units.
**national Tech Tree System.
**46 general aptitudes.
**entirely new general pretend framework and military foundat
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