Shattered Planet RPG APK v1.491 Free Shopping


Shattered Planet RPG APK v1.491 Free Shopping
Requirements: Android 2.2+
A testing survival RPG set on wonderful outsider planets. Hours of gameplay anticipate the most gutsy adventurers!

Battle or get outsiders and gather insane plunder. Investigate a risky world and attempt to survive! It's a fatal world out there, and its haphazardly diverse inevitably. The Galactic Union's employment for you is clear: inquire about the outsider natural life - for science! However an interesting indicator is beckoning past crowds of beasts. Also every time you pass on, on your things are tried for great game!

On your excursion you will go through distinctive islands and experience many creatures, from charming to fearsome, from little crab to titan mythical beast.


* An alternate world each time you play

* 100+ things, new from swords to treats to explosives

* Dozens of outsider beasts to battle or get to know

What's new:

* Fixed wrong preparing menu names - it ought to demonstrate you overhaul 1 Strength and 1 Wits at once
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