Spy vs Spy APK v1.0.0

Spy vs Spy APK v1.0.0
Requirements: Android O/S : 2.3.3+
Overview: Download SPY vs SPY is focused around the first, multi-million unit offering, break out hit by First Star Software, new Inc. It offers Wi-Fi multiplayer matches, a pixel flawless retro mode and also an advanced mode, full both with the well known dark and white spies from MAD Magazine. Pick joystick or other touch controls.

SPY vs SPY is a definitive movement/system amusement!


* Wi-Fi multiplayer help - damage and interest included

* 16 shiny new consulates –for an aggregate of 24 in addition to 24 extra government offices as an in-application buy

* Play alone in custom matches in up to 48 international safe havens, new each with 5 levels of trouble –- you select the IQ of the restricting spy

* New, full screen club-to-club battle in present day mode

* Modern & retro amusement modes –both emphasizing Simulvision™, new Simulplay™ and your remarkable Trapulator™

* Up to 8 sorts of Booby-Traps - play as the popular dark and white spies from MAD Magazine

* Purchase a second set of traps; or, two sets of tricks: Insta-Kill to quickly vanquish the adversary spy in single-player mode; and, new Reveal-O-Matic to show the international safe haven guide indicating the area of all stock things & stars.

* Includes the first signature music in addition to 4
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