Master of Craft APK v1.0.03 Mod Money

Master of Craft APK v1.0.03 Mod Money
Requirements: 3.0+
Overview: Expert of Craft (Moc) Game is a just out of the plastic new SNRPG, new completely rendered in 3d illustrations with a novel economy! deliver,Specialty, and work the business sector to deal with your extraordinary town.


Expert of Craft gimmicks:

* Detailed,Beautiful, and Clean 3d Graphics – Enjoy the wonderful and clean 3d design that permit definite look of the town, and also the saints strolling about your town!

* Unique System of Economy – Set your business costs to your loving! Present your costs to offer all the more as often as possible, or to set the value simply right as per the business to score that big stake of a deal!

* Craft Your Own Special Gear – Build and specialty up to 270 novel uncommon apparatuses, in which will turn into the courageous souls that walk into fight for you! These riggings could be upgraded to expand the competencies of your group of warriors!

* Play with Friends – Lacking that last bit of materials to specialty that fabulous weapon? Why not approach your companions for help? Ask for and send exchange materials to help one another. Not just can your companions send you materials, as they can likewise help you in fights!

* Simple, fully Intuitive Controls – The structures are now there so you can to concentrate on the creation and deals a piece of the amusement! Aptitudes and gold are the main things that require your dynamic taps throughout the fight,to taking into account an anxiety free and fun e
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