Soul Historica APK v1.1.1g

Soul Historica APK v1.1.1g
Requirements: 2.2
Overview: Download The Life of a man who battles for the One he Loves ... Alternately the Future of a young lady at the Mercy of destiny ...

A deplorable story unfolds around a lost affection

In the wake of losing his lady friend Eris and leaving the Order of Knights, in York is stood up to by an interesting covered man who lets him know where to discover a recondite young lady passing by the name of Fiora ... who looks precisely like his dead lady friend. What will happen when Fiora recuperates her lost memories? Furthermore who is this shrouded conceal man?

The wheels of an inevitable destiny have begun to gradually turn ...

Expert the Soul Cages!

A Soul Cage is an exceptional thing that profits its wearer in different ways. By joining together different "souls" that might be acquired by crushing beasts, full distinctive looks and battling styles could be accomplished. Characters can additionally switch to new classes relying upon the fusion of souls utilized.

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ver 1.1.1g

- new Added English adaptation
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