Warrior Defense APK v1.80 Unlimited Shards

Warrior Defense APK v1.80 Unlimited Shards
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview:An old rune has been modified, opening the doors to the universe of Vulrexia, where an assault of animals walk through to the universe of Hethir.

Steady and unwavering, the tremendous and machine-like Vulrexian race press at the entryways of the capital city of Rokuan. The city's pioneers scramble for resistance, however stand out with both the wits and strength can stand an opportunity to protect all life in the city.

Warrior Defense brings to you a reviving assume the tower resistance classification. Each structure you fabricate will call upon relentless saints to safeguard the area against waves of assaulting creatures. You'll have the capacity to update and backing your saints, and cast a few spells that you open as you experience the diversion's story. Delight in the fights in all their superbness as Warrior Defense acquires them to you pixel artistic expression, reminiscent of fantastic fights from the exemplary eminence days.

Gimmicks to appreciate:

- Plan your guard as you call upon the city's uncommon armed force to protect from assaulting Vulrexians attacking the city! These trespassers will captivate your powers and not generally run past your towers, so plan for fight!

- Create methodologies that use the enchantment of flame and ice mages, and the steel of knights in arms. Know the syntheses and adequacy of your spells to help their convenience in battle.

- Clash in more fights as you overhaul your units to provide for them all the more capable capacities. More unit sorts will be opened as you advancement! Ever knew about a Storm Knight?

- Don't let your armed force battle alone! Give help by tossing in spells of your own that may turn the tide of the fight.

- Available on telephones and tablets!
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