Zombie City Defense APK v1.0.0

Zombie City Defense APK v1.0.0
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview:Enter the fight for mankind. Spare Earth from crowds of zombies.


Plan your technique cleverly, develop your resistance, initiate survivors and KILL ZOMBIES! Use flamethrowers, shotguns, new automatic rifles or tanks, ordnance and even various rocket launchers. Feel yourself as a genuine military administrator without bounds. Save the humankind from the greatest danger it ever experienced!

✔ Unique holographic look.
✔ Different maps with diverse play styles.
✔ Upgrade your units to stay alive.
✔ 3 trouble levels and a limitless mode.
✔ Detailed urban areas with schools, new modern zones and downtown regions.
✔ Mix of RTS and Tower Defense classification.
✔ Hordes of foes to prevent you from arriving at your objective.
✔ Lots of infantry units and vehicles to browsed. Tanks with big guns help vs zombies ? You can attempt it!

✔ Your strategies relies on upon the unit set you have picked before fight.

This amusement gives a new approach to tower protection/RTS kinds. The primary objective is to hold a city while a multitude of zombies tries to catch your base. You can attempt quick development, yet it could strech your strengths a ton so you won't have the capacity to safeguard appropriately, or attempt to hold constrained region, yet you will be confronting assets lack in a week or somewhere in the vicinity. Additionally any guide has significantly more than one strategic moves to utilize. Additionally your play style will be very dependant on which units you'll pick. You can widely utilize ordnance to execute adversaries even before they approach or, then again, you can attempt stick to close battle utilizing infantry and by blockading structures.

It is 2053. Obscure bio-weapon got away from research facilities and now it transformed 86% of the populace into distraught detestations. Just a mystery military gathering, known as Iron Corps can put an e
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