Ninjas: STOLEN SCROLLS APK v1.2 [Mod Money]

Ninjas: STOLEN SCROLLS APK v1.2 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Here comes a real toon workmanship style 2d sash scroll arcade activity!


Could your fingers get the velocity of the ninja?

An incredible exploit will begin to take back a stolen scroll!

Investigate an expansive world guide and push into the ch√Ęteau of bad habit!

At that point, take back the parchment!

▪ Select among four ninjas!

- Select one from ninjas of flame, thunder, water, and wind!

You can utilize mystery characters by accomplishing records!!

Would you be able to discover Google Play unique characters!?

▪ Master incredible ninjutsu!

- You can ace ninjutsu by getting parchments.

Would you be able to ace the unbelievable last ninjutsu!?

▪ Get fabulous razor sharp edge!

- It is not just ninjutsu that helps you!

Get fabulous razor sharp edges with the force of shinobi!

▪ Level framework

- Allocate focuses got by expanding your level to Power, Strength and Ninriki.

The higher your level, the stronger the sharpened pieces of steels you will have!

▪ Available diversion mode

- You can choose a diversion mode from Easy, Normal, and Hard.

The more troublesome the mode you finish, the higher the score you can attain...

▪ Animation, illustrations, and framework

- Smoother liveliness has been accomplished by showing 3d information in 2d.

- Numerous impacts have been utilized for ninjutsu, weapons, and creatures.

- You can appreciate special new combos shot from aptitude.

- Casle crushers like re
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