Smart Network APK v1.1.3

Smart Network APK v1.1.3
Requirements: 3.0, Xposed, root
Overview: This a computerized approach to turn Off your versatile information, switch your system mode to 2g (GSM just!), you can detach Wifi and turn Off Wifi when your screen is Off, into this ought to help you enhance your battery life.



☆ Disable Data Auto synchronization when your screen is Off
☆ White rundown applications for Wifi and Mobile information
☆ Switch naturally to 2g/ Edge when your screen is Off
☆ Disconnect your current Wifi AP when your screen is Off
☆ Turn Off your portable information when your screen is Off
☆ Turn Off Wifi administration when your screen id Off


☆ Please verify Xposed system is introduced, then empower this module on Xposed installer and Reboot.

☆ Reactivating your 3g/LTE system mode may take a couple of deferral relying upon your system zone scope.

☆ This App won't work if the System is even now booting (so don't turn Off the gadget physically just a
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