AutoReader 3D APK v2.2.2

AutoReader 3D APK v2.2.2
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Autoreader builds the rate of perusing and aides dispose of subvocalization, one of the principle elements easing off the perusing methodology. Subvocalization - it is concealed, not oblivious development of the lips, tongue and different organs of discourse.

The propensity to purport the words framed in the youth, when it comes to figuring out how to peruse, into and does not vanish totally, without any uncommon preparing.

Attempt to bit by bit build the velocity of showing words (slide your finger up the screen), with the new development of rate the vocal contraption is no more stay aware of the volume of data and no more included in the handling - data from the visual analyzer will be instantly sent to the importance.

The feel is cool, as though you simply get the creator's thought, not a discourse.

You understand that you can read much quicker and without much exertion.

Rundown of peculiarities:

- Built-in document program.

- Smooth scrolling content (finger up/ down).

- Flipping through the pages (finger left/ right).
- Built-in help for motions and 3d Stereo mode.
- Go to an arbitrary page number.

- Change the content size "on the fly" (zoom with two fingers).
- Infinitely variable velocity of content Reader (finger up/ down the screen).
- Rotate the screen whenever in any mode (tap the screen with two fingers and turn it 90 degrees).

- Double click to go to an alternate mode (from Overview mode to Reader, from mono to 3d Stereo mode and the other way around).

- View and move to the past or next sentence in the Reader mode (finger left/ right on the screen).

- Settings for the textual style, content color and foundation shade.
- Automatic identification of encoding.

- Select from in excess of 20 foundation pictures for the Reader.

- Quick input to engineers (us).

What's New

v 2.2.2 - bug fixes
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