Buff Knight - RPG Runner APK v1.47 Mod

Buff Knight - RPG Runner APK v1.47 Mod (Unlimited Money)
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview:lay the EPIC retro RPG runner – Buff Knight! Created by a 1 man studio, new this pixel realistic diversion has stormed the top diagrams in Korea. Presently its your turn.

Kill the monster! Save the princess! Buff Knight!



You are Buff Knight, and you stop in vain! The Red Vile Dragon & his followers has come back to the Kingdom of Buff to strike the Kingdom for relics… AND has caught the delightful Princess. Your journey: buff up your character, new impact your spells and recovery the world!


[game Description]

Buff Knight is a 2d Pixel RPG Runner where you're continually progressing. Slaughter the attacking creatures with your sword or by timing your utilization of spells precisely! As you advancement the diversion gets to be more exceptional with stronger and uglier beasts! Gather ancient rarities and redesign your things & credits to turn into the most buff Knight the world has ever seen!

Buff Knight is exceedingly addictive so do try it out and trust the a huge number of Koreans who helped Buff Knight guarantee the #1 spot!


◈ AWESOME & EPIC 8 bit retro sound and pixel representation!
◈ 2 Different gameplay modes – story mode & perpetual mode!
◈ Plenty of Items with various levels of redesigns!
◈ Simple and simple controls! BUFF!
◈ And obviously a pretty princess who needs to be spare
◈ Use your sword or spells to battle the insidiousness!
◈ Develop new techniques & constructs – Want to be a Buff Knight or a Buff Mage?
◈ BUFF up your traits!
◈ Unique 2d Pixel runner diversion idea – get from where you kicked the bucket!
◈ Collect in excess of 20 antiquated antiques and BUFF your aptitudes!
◈ Awesome high score framework – Are you the most buff Knight? Could you beat your companions?

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