WiFi Connection Manager APK v1.5.1.3

WiFi Connection Manager APK v1.5.1.3
Requirements: 1.5 and up
Overview: Wireless Connection Manager is the best Wi-Fi scanner, director and connector on android, into with these gimmicks.


Wireless Connection Manager is the best Wi-Fi scanner, director and connector on android.

Help us with the interpretation extend on association director

1. Help AP (Access Points) SSID with exceptional characters, for example, Japanese,Greeks, Korean, Russian,Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, UNICODE etc.

8. Showcase spared system secret key. (oblige gadget to be established)

3. Fixed gadget Wi-Fi issues.

9. Stop filter, new helpful to peruse numerous results.

4. Moment unite. Once sought, once begin uniting. Path quicker than the framework assemble in Wi-Fi scanner.

6. Switch between accessible systems, new tackling the system clash issue.

7. Include/Connect to certain concealed SSID system (relies on upon gadget and system conditions).

5. Static IP settings help. Auto switch between diverse AP.
8. Manual include system, with uncommon backing for EAP/LEAP encoded system.

10. More detail system data, new system transfer speed, channel and system sort.

11. Auto catch Web Authentication.

12. Reinforcement/Restore spared systems.

13. Include/Share Wi-Fi system with QR code.

14. Mastermind system joining need.

15. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) help for Android 4.0 or above gadgets.

16. Automatical switch between spared systems when sign is not perfect.

About the obliged authorizations:

Cam is for including Wi-Fi system by means of QR code.

Telephone and Internet is for the Admob module made by Google.

Capacity is for reinforcement and restore spared system.

What's New

1. Include signal range show. Swipe left/right to switch in the middle of rundown and range view. The range view has its own particular settings in the activity bar. The perspective pointer can be covered up in the application settings.

2. Hunt capacity help trump card matching now. Use * for zero or more characters, ? for a solitary character.

3. Add Basque dialect help (Thanks to Xabier Aramendi).
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