Statue of Liberty - TLS (Full) APK v1.042

Statue of Liberty - TLS (Full) APK v1.042
Requirements: 2.3.3+
Overview:Unique Title : Statue of Liberty - The Lost Symbol

Explore the vanishing of a standout amongst the most imperative images of the United States.

You'll play the FBI specialist Susan Pierce. She's been sent to Liberty Island to clear up the extraordinary vanishing of the famous fire of the Statue of Liberty!

Officer Cooper's assistance, new you'll need to intention this complex issue and uncover its culprits!

As your pursuit advances, now you'll divulge old privileged insights that the island is hiding.

Investigate the island, full find mystery rooms and sort out the course of occasions to bring reality to light!
• Animated backgrounds and screenplay
• An unique storyline that whisks you off from the FBI business locales to Liberty Island!
• 50 fun realities on the Statue of Liberty shrouded all through the amusement
• Original characters
• Original gameplay
• carefully planned backgrounds for a finer inundation experience
• Simple and instin
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